Architect: Krebs Architecture & Engineering

Contractor: Golden Construction

Crimson Village is a 70,839 square foot project that houses 97 units and 105 beds. Amenities include a wellness garden, fitness center, spa and salon, game room and private dining rooms. Crimson Village is one of the most unique projects Golden Construction has completed. When we were hired as the general contractor, this project had already been designed. Three months into the project, the owner was presented with an opportunity to purchase 32 CON licensed beds to accommodate a skilled nursing wing. These units had different technical requirements than the original assisted living units. The owner approached Golden Construction and asked for the new wing to be completed within the same budget and schedule as the original building. We were able to come up with an innovative solution for the owner: the use of prefabricated bathroom pods. This allowed that portion of work to be completed offsite at the same time the shell of the new wing was being construction and ultimately eliminated the 6 weeks of additional time it would have taken to complete using traditional building methods. Golden Construction installed 16 prefabricated bathroom pods in the new wing.