Our Story

Creature is the coming together of two radical-thinking companies into a single entity that is aggressively eliminating waste and inefficiency in the construction industry.  For more than 20 years, Golden Construction built a reputation on high-quality construction  at any scale, mixed with a dynamic process that literally manufactures efficiency. Conversely, Appleseed is a young, energetic company that fast-tracked their perception as a visionary, creative leader in adaptive reuse. After completing just one project together, the two companies saw the tremendous potential of their combined expertise and strengths: a world-class creative and architectural engine matched with a waste-averse method that could adapt to any scale. The result is a single company where architecture, manufacturing, and construction are seamlessly integrated – dramatically reducing costs and timing throughout the project lifecycle while simultaneously improving quality. Golden and Appleseed have joined forces to become creature. Their mission: revolutionize the industry.


Our Method